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Combine the effectiveness of a sports session with electro-stimulation using the top-of-the-range Free Action electro-stimulator, its 4 motors and the Maxibelt.

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Using the Maxibelt belt and the Free Action 4 motors will improve your workouts and make your abdominal muscles work more efficiently.

With its 4 lightweight motors linked via Bluetooth to the Free Action box, your movements remain free and facilitate intensive use.

This freedom of movement is ideal for cardio and endurance sports.

But also work 4 muscle groups at the same time by using the dual electrodes linked to the 4 Free Action motors. 

Improve the effectiveness of the electro-stimulation on your long muscles with the exported electrodes.

The pack also includes several COMBI electrodes that clip onto the back of the Maxibelt 1, they allow the electrostimulation current to be distributed so that all the muscles of the abdominal belt are worked as intensely as possible.

The Programmes :

The 8 SPORT type programmes of the Free Action will all have a specific action on your muscle. Depending on the signal sent, your muscle will not only increase in size, but you can work on its explosive strength, resistance to effort, endurance and recovery.

And those in order to adapt our devices to the sport of each one, with the Free Action, everyone can find his adapted program! You can even alternate the programmes used, in order to take advantage of the maximum of the benefits offered.

You will even have the possibility of choosing programmes to start again slowly or to work more intensely on your skills. All our electrostimulation programmes have been studied with a view to efficiency and the needs of sportsmen and women, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

During the sports programmes, the device will alternate between an active phase and a recovery phase, no dead time in our programmes.

The active phase uses high frequencies, your muscle will be intensely solicited in order to maximise the desired effect (strengthening, toning, endurance, volume)

The recovery phase uses lower frequencies, but continues to stimulate your muscle. Indeed, it is scientifically proven that continuing to stimulate the muscle weakly favours its recovery, rather than not stimulating it at all. Each of its recovery phases has therefore been studied in relation to the work phases in order to optimise it.

The 6 HEALTH programmes follow the same principle, but are not designed to increase volume. They will be useful for all types of people, whether you want to relax after exercise in order to reduce aches and pains, or to prolong it in a reduced way, you can even benefit from an anti-pain programme and one to relieve heavy legs. Thanks to the TENS currents, active recovery after exercise or muscle rest during your "off" days is made easier. Your muscle tensions are relieved, thanks to the release of endorphins from the massaging effect of the Health programmes. During these programmes it is not recommended to look for a strong contraction, increase the power in order to feel the desired effect.


Data sheet

Type of current
Intensité : 90 mA max
Category of programs
Cutaneous preparation, recovery of muscle volume, strengthening of muscle volume, muscle resistance, muscular endurance, muscle maintenance, explosive force, recovery
Number of program variations
Number of channels
4 adjustable Independents
LCD color touch
Source energy
LiPo rechargeable battery 3.7V - 1020mAh (remote control) 3.7V - 420mAh (motors)
Automatic stop
Yes, after ~ 4 min 30 sec of inactivity
Safety at ignition
Detection absence of contact



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