Body beautiful
from £101,55
Beginner level
Battery AA
2 double electrode modules
no wifi
Msp précision
from £110
Confirmed level
Rechargeable battery
8 wired electrodes 2mm
no de wifi
Multisport pro
from £127,15
Confirmed level
Rechargeable battery
4 double electrode modules
et/ou électrodes filaires 2mm
Free action
from £246,62
Expert level
Rechargeable battery
2 to 4 independent wireless motors
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Electrostimulation or the science of electric currents for the human body

The term electrical stimulation covers all possible uses on the human body involving medium frequency electric currents ranging from 1 to 100 hertz, in two phases. The most common uses are muscle rehabilitation after trauma and muscle maintenance in sport. But also the treatment of chronic pain or muscle pain, or the treatment of heavy legs, lower back pain, neck stiffness.

Our muscle stimulators release an electric current adapted to your muscles

The most suitable electric currents for pain relief are called TENS. They work by counteracting the brain signal that triggers the pain sensation. They are very easily tolerated by users and have almost no side effects. Many pain treatment centres use them frequently as there are no contraindications, and the sessions can be safely repeated. The FARMADOLOR electric stim patch by sportelec is a really simple, quick and effective instrument to relieve pain. For each of the different uses described above, the frequencies adapted for each application are integrated into the different programmes of the electrostimulation devices. You will discover all the sophisticated programmes provided by the Sport Elec electrostimulation devices, where the frequencies, the forms of electric currents and the pulse durations are adapted for each different application. You can find all the programmes provided by Sport Elec e-stim in the programme guide pages by clicking on our "use" tab.

Electrostimulation for abs, arms, pectorals or buttocks, each area has its own programme

Programmes should also be adapted to the areas of the body where the electric current will be distributed, modifying the pulse widths to adapt to the size of the muscle. For example, an arm will not receive an electric current with the same pulse width as a thigh. Muscle stimulators should contain electric currents adapted to the morphology of each person and respecting the chronaxie of the muscle, i.e. the size of the muscle being electrically stimulated. The pulse width indicates the duration of the pulse, so the bigger the muscle, the longer the duration and vice versa.

Sport elec muscle stimulators comply with these rules and are manufactured in accordance with the European medical standard EN-60601 .

The Sport elec product range is designed to meet all these requirements and satisfy our customers who are concerned about maintaining their physical fitness. Equipment such as Free Action, multisport pro, Mspprecision, bodybeautiful correspond perfectly to the uses described above. You can find these products both in a physiotherapy practice and in a sport training environment.

Electric stim for physical preparation, sports recovery and rehabilitation

For athletes, Sport Elec is an effective aid in physical preparation and recovery after exercise. Muscle electrical stimulation reduces recovery times after exercise by 30 to 40% by eliminating lactic acid contained in the muscle more quickly and by facilitating the elimination of lesions caused by sport which are responsible for muscle aches.

For physiotherapists, Sport elec will be mainly useful in muscle rehabilitation to recover the muscle volume necessary to resume normal physical activity and sometimes to relieve pain. The advantage of the Sport elec muscle stimulator is that its ease of use and affordable price means that physiotherapists can have more devices and even lend them out to extend the sessions from the practice to the home. For comfortable muscle electrical stimulation, in addition to appropriate electric currents, there must be a method of transmission from the e stim device to the muscle that eliminates any air that may be present on the body as the current passes. Air does not transmit electric current, it is an insulator, you can imagine the problem, if this was not the case in our daily life; there would be electricity in the air and we would be electrocuted. So the current has to come in a watery material like a moisturising gel that allows the electric current to be conducted to the skin without passing through an air zone. This is the case with the Sport elec electrical stimulation electrodes. This air gap between the electrode and the skin, created by the gel which adheres without sticking, is essential for comfortable electrical stimulation without pain or unpleasant tingling.

Designed in accordance with medical standards, Sport Elec electrodes allow the smooth flow of electrostimulators currents, and their superior quality also means that they last much longer than the average. Sport Elec's innovation in recent years has been the creation of accessories for electrical stimulation, inside which it is possible to attach the electrodes. So, once your electrical stimulation abdominal belt, your armbands or your electrical stimulation buttock belt have been adjusted to your size, you will save precious time when carrying out your sessions.

Accessories to easily place your electrodes on your muscles

One of the strongest arguments in favour of using your sport elec muscle stimulator is the speed with which it can be used. And these advantages should be taken into account before choosing an electric muscle stimulator. In addition thanks to a clever placement system for the elec sport electrostimulation patches, you can move the electrodes inside the belt and place them in exactly the right position for your body shape. Thanks to Sportelec you will be able to use your muscle stimulator easily and practice abdominal electrical stimulation, buttock electrostimulation or arm e-stim more often. No more laborious sessions where you spend a lot of time sticking the electrodes to the skin and never remember the exact position of the last session. Once the patches have been placed in the e-stim belt, all you have to do is put it on in a few seconds and start your session.

Muscle electrostimulation, an effective technique

Over a period of several months, you will really enjoy seeing the effectiveness of this method. See the pages on electrode placement in the use section of our website for help.

For all our devices, we have tutorials or quick starts that will allow you to discover your sport elec electrostimulation device. Our EMS muscle stimulators is fully repairable and we guarantee this possibility for ten years. Today we still repair sport elec equipment that is over 15 years old. Our know-how is long-standing and our technicians have all the necessary spare parts for their work.

The equipment and electric currents used by sportelec have been clinically tested and are largely based on the bibliography of current knowledge of muscle electrical stimulation currents. You can find several studies specially carried out by sportelec in the technical studies and bibliography section of our website under the heading "use".