Take the electrodes and carefully remove the support that protects each of them, moisten them one by one by spreading a few drops of water on the adhesive gel with your fingertips and wait 2 minutes (diagram I. A).



Position the electrodes on your body according to diagram II. A or B or C, p 2 (the positions are given as an indication). You can consult other examples of positioning on this page 

Place your electrodes according to the program you have chosen.

IMPORTANT : For optimal use, read each page carefully and take into account the examples of use below.



Examples of use (photos above)

mceclip2.png=plug channel B (medium blue) ;mceclip4.png=plug channel C (light blue) ; SUP= upper limbs ; INF= lower limbs
photo mceclip5.png- Chest photo mceclip6.png - shoulders photo mceclip7.png - Trapezoids

1-Great pectoral
mceclip8.pngDo not position

electrodes on the cardiac area




9-Upper trapezius 10-Middle Trapezius



Take the connector (CEV8) (photo I. B, page 2) and connect it :

1 - to the electrodes (photo I. C, page 2)

2 - then to the device (photo I. D, page 2).


The box is connected to the electrodes by means of a connector consisting of 4 groups of 2 wires, each 1 m long, terminated by 2 groups of 4 connecting plugs.

You can attach your MULTISPORTPRO to clothing or underwear with its clip.


Turn on your device by following the "Turning on the device" procedure described in Section II above.

The contractions should be firm but never painful.

If you feel an unpleasant sensation at the level of the electrodes: reduce the power to the minimum, move the electrode(s) and gradually increase the power.

Once the settings have been optimised, leave the machine to work for the duration of the programme.


When the programme is finished, disconnect the electrodes from the connector (CEV8), then the connector from the device.

Then carefully remove the electrodes, moisten them slightly with a few drops of water and carefully put them back on their support.

Keep the adhesive electrodes in a plastic bag in a cool place (e.g. the vegetable tray of the refrigerator).