1. Read before using the device

You have just acquired a powerful and efficient professional machine. You need to take the time to find out how it works.
how it works.
1 - Read the instructions carefully.
2 - Before use, make sure the batteries are properly installed.
3 - Test your device on the biceps according to the "Quick test".


2. Precautions

  • Some people may have a skin reaction due to hypersensitivity to electrostimulation.
  • Do not leave within the reach of children or mentally handicapped persons. The product contains small parts that may be ingested.
  • Only use the Ultra Nomade with the accessories supplied and recommended by SPORT-ELEC®.
  • Do not use the Ultra Nomade while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which electrostimulation could cause injury to the user.
  • Always place the belt according to the instructions in this manual.
  • Do not apply the electrodes to the lower part of the neck. The contraction of the muscles can be very strong and cause breathing difficulties, as well as effects on the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Do not apply to the cardiac area: electrostimulation can cause disturbances in the heart rhythm.
  • Do not place electrodes on the face, on the skull, or on the temples. The effects of electrostimulation on the brain are unknown.
  • Only apply the electrode to clean, healthy skin. Do not use electro-stimulation on an open wound or on swollen, infected or inflamed areas or skin eruptions (e.g. phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins...).
  • Do not use in the bath, shower or for any activity in contact with water.
  • Do not use while sleeping.
  • Do not use if you are wearing a contraceptive device such as an IUD, as the assurance of effective contraception has not been established with electrostimulation.
  • Do not use on other parts of the body than those for which the accessories have been designed.
  • The electrode is intended for personal use. For reasons of hygiene, it should only be used by one person.
  • Do not use on animals.

    Special precautions should be taken in the following circumstances:

    • People with a suspected diagnosis of epilepsy.
    • When you have a tendency to internal bleeding or bleeding after an injury or fracture.
    • After surgery (electrostimulation can interrupt the recovery process).
    • In areas of the skin with sensitivity deficiency.
    • Be sure to recycle or dispose of the battery safely and properly in accordance with local laws and regulations. To avoid the risk of fire or explosion, never burn or incinerate the battery.
    • Do not use the device in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixtures and air, oxygen or nitric oxide.
    • This device does not require calibration.
    • The user should verify that the device is safe and in good working order before use.
    • Keep the device out of the reach of children and animals.

      → Individuals: for strengthening and/or maintaining muscle strength, for reshaping the figure and for pain relief.
      → Physiotherapists: for the relief of muscular tension and in the context of functional rehabilitation.
      → In hospitals: for the prevention of muscular amyotrophy and for the treatment of pain.


      • Irritation of the skin.
      • Slight redness of the skin where the electrode is applied.

        Ask your doctor for advice in the following cases:

        • You have severe back pain.
        • You have a serious illness that is not mentioned in this manual.
        • You have recently had surgery.
        • You are diabetic and on insulin


          • It is possible to repeat the cycle of one of the programmes on another muscle area.
          • For optimal use, use the diagrams in this brochure as a guide.
          • The device can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in disinfectant solution.


            • You experience irritation, skin reaction, hypersensitivity or any other reaction. However, note that redness of the skin in contact with the electrode is normal and disappears shortly after use.
            • Correct use of the electrostimulation belt should not cause discomfort.
            • SPORT-ELEC® INSTITUT declines all responsibility if the instructions described in this manual are not followed by the user.
            • If in doubt about the use of the device and for any reason, consult your doctor before use.


              • The belt must not be connected to any other device or object other than the Ultra Nomad.
              • The device must be used complete with all detachable parts in place.
              • Do not use the electro-stimulation device while driving or operating other machinery.
              • Do not use in a wet environment.
              • Use the device in a clean environment (free of dust, dirt...).
              • Keep the device away from any source of heat.
              • Keep the device away from any equipment emitting waves or high frequencies.
              • To reposition the electrode and the electrostimulation device during the session: stop the programme in progress, reposition and restart once the belt has been readjusted.

                If your device does not work properly, do not use it and contact your dealer.