SAV : Payment methods

What payment methods are accepted to make a purchase on the online shop?

The methods of payment accepted are :

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Cheques
  • Bank transfer

    How can I benefit from payment in 4 instalments without charge?

    Payment in 4 instalments is possible by credit card, only for an amount of more than 100 euros (including VAT) (40€ debited at reception of the order, 20€ at 30 days and 20€ at 60 days and 20€ at 90 days). The card used must be valid until the end of the 3 debits + 3 months after the end.

    I don't understand payment by bank transfer?

    You have clicked on "bank transfer" as a payment method.

    To make a bank transfer, you have to go to your bank and give a transfer order or do it manually from your bank's online personal space.

    You wish to simplify or change your payment method and pay by CB credit card. Call us on and our receptionist will take or modify your order.