The UltraNomade belt has a slot where the wireless electrode, specially designed by SPORT-ELEC®, is clipped in.
Caution! Never use electrodes other than those supplied by SPORT-ELEC®.

1- Connecting and positioning the belt

  • Make sure your device is switched off.
  • Unfold the belt.
  • On the back of the belt, place the electrode with snaps through the belt holes.
  • On the front, place the UltraNomade device and connect it to the electrode through the belt with snaps.
  • Place the belt around the waist and adjust it with the hook and loop fastener so that the electrode is in good contact with the skin.

    If you feel a tingling sensation, switch off the device and check that the electrode is in contact with the skin. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service: Send a request


    2- Starting the programme with the belt

    Once you have connected your device, make yourself comfortable and switch on your device by following the "Switching on the device" procedure detailed in Chapter III.
    You can carry out your usual activities while using the UltraNomad.


    3- End of programme

    • When the program is complete, turn off the unit and disconnect the unit from the electrode.
    • Remove from the belt.
    • Detach the electrode and moisten it lightly with a few drops of water before replacing it on the transparent plastic holder.