Ultranomade sport abdominal belt


The Ultranomade electrostimulator contains a case, who counts only 4 buttons for a simplified use.
By removing its case of the belt, it is possible to connect the Ultranomade directly to its special electrode exported for a work of precision on your body.

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Tones up and firms up muscles

The Ultranomade electrostimulator contains a box/remote control, which has only 4 buttons for simplified use. A button will allow you to easily choose the programme you wish to use, you just have to turn up the power to start it.

The small size of the device and its belt make it very easy to carry around, and it is very discreet, so you can use it without anyone noticing it in the office. Its practicality will save you a lot of time.

The belt's large electrode is designed for use on the entire abdominal strap.

By removing the belt case, it is possible to connect the Ultranomade directly to an exported electrode to work the long muscles.

For visible and durable results, the Ultranomade proposes 4 programs conceived and optimized to you to meet all the needs. The predefined programs have a duration between 20 and 40 minutes, with a beach(range) of intensity going to 64 levels.

The main effects are strengthening and / or maintaining muscle strength, reshaping the silhouette and relieving pain.

The clinical tests prove it, in only 2 weeks of use you will be able to observe results:

• an improvement of the muscular tone
• a strengthening of all the parts of the body
• a firming of the abdomen


Data sheet

Type of current
Number of channels
Automatic stop
Yes, after ~ 4 min 30 sec of inactivity
Safety at ignition
Detection absence of contact

With the Ultranomade, you will strengthen your abdominal muscles, heal your pain and beautify your body.

The main effects are :
> reduction of pain
> increase in muscle size
> improved blood circulation
> better skin
> reduction of cellulite

Clinical tests prove that in just 2 weeks of use, you will see results:
> more than 205% muscular endurance
> more than 38% isometric strength
> more than 80% of muscle strength

Ultranomade currents:
Build muscle with medium-frequency biphasic currents that penetrate to the heart of the muscle fibres
Muscle fibres react instantly and contract to gain strength and endurance.

The Ultranomade Sudoloris current acts on muscle pain with its Sudoloris current.
This bypasses the pain signal and provides immediate relief.
The muscles relax and the pain disappears.

The Sudoloris current relaxes the muscles and massages them deeply.

Sport-Elec quality
Ultranomade is the synthesis of the best of the Sport-Elec technology of the last 30 years. 


1. FIRMNESS / Duration: 20 min
Frequency = 70 Hz
Working time = 4.5 seconds
This program is ideal for more sustained musculation to work targeted zones.

2. MUSCLE MAINTENANCE / Duration: 26 min
Frequency = 60 Hz
Working time = 5,5 secondes
This program allows to keep the gains at the level of the endurance, resistance and muscular volume.

3. MUSCLE FORCE / Durée: 30 min
Fréquency = 50 Hz
Working time = 6,5 secondes
This program allows to reach the maximal strength of a muscle by stimulating fibers high speed, the intensity of the contraction must be maximum.

4. MASSAGE / Durée: 40 min
Fréquency = 50 Hz
Working time = 7,5 secondes
This program allows to relieve the muscular fatigue and so allows you to recover after the effort.

Contents of the offer

1 Electrostimulator
1 Ergonomic abdominal belt (Men's & women's sizes: 34 to 60)
1 Large electrode
1 Double exported electrode
1 User guide
2 Years warranty


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